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The dream NFT market that connects mythology and the future. Powered by a deflationary token with a high value.

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About Us

Hogwarts is a next-generation marketplace for creators/artists and collectors that is automated and decentralized. Designed to make it easier for young and bright talent to succeed. Our goal is for a user-friendly interface that is accessible to users, artists, and collectors alike. On the Hogwarts marketplace, people may develop their collections or buy NFTs straight from other users for a very low opportunity cost.

Supported by a transparent, reliable and deflationary token : $HOGW

$HOGW will be released as a BEP-20 token with a total quantity of 100 billion on the Binance Smart Chain.

Fair Launch

Fair Launch will be starts in August 11th 2021, 14:00 UTC

LIT - Hashmasks

1.2 BNB

Classical B

Matthew Beedham
1.7 BNB

Aqua Power

Clement Ivanov
2.1 BNB

The Deity

Lux Cards
1.5 BNB

Stolen Crypto



Ole Solikei
1.8 BNB


Roman Kushnarev
2.3 BNB


Jalal Foster
3.2 BNB

Small World After All

Denis Kornev
1.7 BNB

This is where you may produce and share digital collectibles.

For NFT buyers, dealers, and artists, Hogwarts Platform has been built. As a result, you may easily sell, buy, and resell NFTs on the Hogwarts Marketplace.



Total Supply











Distribution Fees

2% Marketing
2% Redistribution To Holders
7% Non-Stop Buyback

Upcoming Projects

Hogwarts Shop

It will develop a innovative project that will enable you to use your NFTs to create special memories, printed textile products, apparel, or accessories. With your own NFTs, you'll be able to make your own image.

Coming Soon

Hogwarts Mobile Game

We're excited to work on a game that integrates with $HOGW and brings mythological characters from the past to life in today's world. $HOGW holders will have a lot more fun than the rest of the users.

Coming Soon


Q3 2021

  • Market research
  • Token creation
  • Website development
  • Deals with NFT creators
  • Whitepaper release

Q4 2021

  • Airdrop events
  • Token distribution
  • PancakeSwap (V2) listing
  • Start of our continuous marketing campaign
  • NFT marketplace development
  • CoinGecko listing

Q1 2022

  • CoinMarketCap & Blockfolio listings
  • More partnerships
  • NFT marketplace launch
  • NFT merchandise shop development
  • NFT merchandise shop launch

Q2 2022

  • Game development
  • CEX and other DEX listings
  • Airdrop events
  • To the Moon! 🚀

  • And more will be announced

Hogwarts Team

Core Team

Marketing Manager
Software Engineer
Web Developer


NFTs are digital tokens that can be used to indicate ownership of one-of-a-kind goods. They enable us to tokenize items such as art, valuables, and even real estate. At any given time, they can only have one legitimate owner, and they're protected by blockchains. No one has the ability to change the ownership record or create a new NFT.

A new NFT marketplace platform that creates a common ground for a variety of outstanding artists to showcase their work, thus bridging the gap between mainstream and niche digital artists. To that end, Hogwarts Token provides its users (creators, collectors, and traders) with a simple, intuitive user interface, cutting-edge decentralized, creator-centric technology, and a universal marketplace.

Hogwarts is a strong, real, and realizable NFT initiative powered by the $HOGW solid token.

$HOGW is a token with all of the features and functions it requires to remain invulnerable and on the growth.

We also have a well-rounded organization with someone to help us with anything we could need on our route to success. As a result, we have a very aggressive and logical marketing philosophy, and we are thinking large about our commercials in order to make our project globally well-known.

The Hogwarts Token Platform was designed with NFT buyers, dealers, and creators in mind. As a result, on Hogwarts Token Marketplace, you may easily sell, buy, and resell your NFTs.

Yes, you surely can. If you'd prefer show off your own NFTs than trade them, Hogwarts lets you create a profile and show off your work to other users and visitors of the website.

To purchase $HOGW, follow these steps: Use Trust Wallet or Metamask to access the link below. Connect your wallet and type in the amount you want to pay.